Review | Everything Shook – Drinking About You

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DrinkingAboutYouartworkThe Last Mixed Tape reviews Drinking About You, the debut studio album from electronic trio Everything Shook.

Sometimes you just want music to grab you by the lapels and take you with it, especially if it’s somewhere you wouldn’t normally go. Drinking About You is that type of album.

There’s nothing welcoming or safe about Everything Shook’s debut. Wonderfully abrasive and unapologetically upfront, the music of Drinking About You pulls you through the dark, seedy gothic-electronic world of Everything Shook.

This is nowhere better seen than the album’s opener, ‘I Got A Gun’. The sheer brute force and persistence of the song is what grabs you. It’s the type of track that doesn’t ask, it insists. And so too goes Drinking About You.

Everything Shook’s take on electronica is both fascinating and unrelenting, and that’s what draws you in. You want to follow it, songs like ‘Bed Stain’ and ‘I…

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New single release ‘Bed Stain’

Bed Stain (Everything Shook) Photo Bryan Meade

Bed Stain can be bought here:

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Premiere | Everything Shook return with ‘Bed Stain’

The Last Mixed Tape

Everything-Shook-HighResThe Last Mixed Tape is proud to premiere the brand new music video for ‘Bed Stain’ by Everything Shook. 

Perennial TLMT favorites Everything Shook have returned with the gloriously off-kilter dark-electro sound of ‘Bed Stain’.

Delivered with the deadpan brooding that made their previous record Argento Nights so compelling to listen to, ‘Bed Stain’ is a much fuller darker picture of Everything Shook’s sound, one that is filled with tensely twisting synths and hypnotic vocals.

What’s more, ‘Bed Stain’ isn’t different for the sake of different. It’s different because of the people who made it. Everything Shook make music through know one else’s filter but their own and that is something to celebrate. If ‘Bed Stain’ is an oddity, then it’s a beautiful one.

Click below to watch the music video for ‘Bed Stain’ by Everything Shook. The single itself is out now via bandcamp. Photo credit: Laura Sheeran.

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Everything Shook – Argento Nights E.P Review

The Last Mixed Tape

everything.shook.steps (1)

The Last Mixed Tape reviews the new E.P. from Dublin based three-piece Everything Shook, entitled Argento Nights.

Everything Shook’s E.P. Argento Nights is a record about unyielding individuality, frustration and brute force. Built from disparate musical parts, it’s also a record that fuses a myriad of sounds into a harsh, uneasy listen that captures the imagination.

The twinkling bells and slight flourishes of synth textures smooth out the sharpened beats and cutting electronica that give Argento Nights an unique sound. Songs such as ‘Come Back To Mine’ find Everything Shook playing with this collision of musical elements by giving a notable pop edge to the songwriting.

Everything Shook delve further into the darker, brooding possibilities of their own music with ‘Misericord’, which uses a strong rhythmical background and long-held synth notes to create a sense of tension. This is once again explore in the chiming bells and popping beats…

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