Irish trio Everything Shook offer up an infectious cover of the transcendent dark-wave iconic track Goodbye Horses. The original track by Q Lazzarus and the Resurrection became widely known from the 1991 horror film ‘Silence of the Lambs’.

New Single Release – STAND AJAR

12 JUNE 2020

Everything Shook’s new single Stand Ajar is from their upcoming EP. The song has undertones of desire and violence, and is inspired by the poetry of Sylvia Plath and Emily Dickinson.

Everything Shook are supporting the magical Fujiya & Miyagi!

Nov 13th:
Early gig, doors 7.30pm

“One of the things we are good at is making people dance, and, really,
there’s no greater reason to make music than the ability to have a physical reaction on someone.” Best.

The Brighton group return to Dublin after 3 years to play tracks from their five acclaimed albums, including their 2014 release Artificial Sweeteners.

Few have offered such a bitter sweet taste of pop through their career as Fujiya & Miyagi; underneath the sticky wrappers that have packaged their sugary synth lines and rich hooks since the turn of the Millennium, there’s always been a grittier after taste – be it manifest through their love of pounding 70’s krautrock, or in the seen-it-all weariness of their lyrics.
Best’s use of words for sound-quality over meaning and repetition of phrase to deepen meaning elsewhere is inspired by Serge Gainsbourg and Iggy Pop. “Both knew how to give the seemingly trivial or shallow depth,” he explains, “by cutting away the flab you can make what you produce less self-indulgent.” That’s something you couldn’t have ever accused Fujiya & Miyagi of across a 14-year career.

Book tickets here:

Everything Shook is playing in
New York City in May 2015


Cake Shop

152 Ludlow Street, NYC

Monday May 25th

Listing –

Trash Bar
256 Grand Street
Williamburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Friday May 29th


Image: Abigail Denniston

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