Everything Shook is a three-piece electronic band from Dublin, Ireland, featuring Robyn Bromfield, Jessica Kennedy and Áine Stapleton. Included as one of The Irish Times Best Irish Acts of 2014 and Golden Plec’s ‘Women Who Rocked 2015’, the trio have have played large music festivals, music venues, dive bars, theatres, bookshops and art spaces throughout Ireland, London and New York.

They perform with old keyboards, synths, bass guitar and Korg DS to create a unique, theatrical sound. The band released ‘Drinking About You’ in 2016 which wowed listeners with its dark electronic pop and quirky layered vocals, curated around themes of late nights, alcohol and disenchantment. Their EP ‘Argento Nights’ is available on 7-inch vinyl.

Everything Shook HWCH Festival Oct 2015

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