Review | Everything Shook – Drinking About You

The Last Mixed Tape

DrinkingAboutYouartworkThe Last Mixed Tape reviews Drinking About You, the debut studio album from electronic trio Everything Shook.

Sometimes you just want music to grab you by the lapels and take you with it, especially if it’s somewhere you wouldn’t normally go. Drinking About You is that type of album.

There’s nothing welcoming or safe about Everything Shook’s debut. Wonderfully abrasive and unapologetically upfront, the music of Drinking About You pulls you through the dark, seedy gothic-electronic world of Everything Shook.

This is nowhere better seen than the album’s opener, ‘I Got A Gun’. The sheer brute force and persistence of the song is what grabs you. It’s the type of track that doesn’t ask, it insists. And so too goes Drinking About You.

Everything Shook’s take on electronica is both fascinating and unrelenting, and that’s what draws you in. You want to follow it, songs like ‘Bed Stain’ and ‘I…

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